I’m sure Android fans around the world are losing sleep waiting and wondering if they will get the 5.0 Lollipop update on their devices. Well the good news is that most manufacturers are already excited and have promised updates to their flagship devices right after the finished code is released, starting early November. You’re naturally ahead of the curve if you own a Nexus device, as the first ones to get the sweet new flavor of Android will be the Nexus 4,5,7 & 10s of the world, but here’s the list of other manufacturers rolling out the update in first batch.

Google Nexus phones and tablets, Android One, GPE hardware.
Motorola G, E, X, Verizon Droid Mini, Maxx, Ultra.
NVIDIA Shield tablet
Sony Z series

While other manufacturers have not announced any plans of the update at the moment, we’ll keep on updating the list as more devices get added so be sure to check back.